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"Have I told you the story about Abbie Plant Based Cuisine?

Well I was working a job on and off in the Houston Texas area and living in a hotel. First thing I do when traveling is to jump on my HappyCow app and try to find the nearest plant based restaurants and places where I can make meal adjustments.

When I discover Abbie’s Plant Based on the app I called and got a answering machine. I left a message and received a return call that I wasn’t able to answer at the time. It was a message from Mrs. Abbie herself and a list of restaurants that may be of help to me. Strange to me, I thought she was a restaurant and wondered why is she pushing these other places.

I was confused by her humbleness and wanted to speak with her. When we finally got on the phone she explained she prepared plant based meals for delivery and pick up. Okay, but I was still a little baffled by why she didn’t originally push or mention much or anything about her. Well after speaking with her myself it didn’t matter much because I was won over by just her kindness and demeanor. Personality means so much. She was so kind and nice and answered all my questions, that by then I was going to order from her anyway...lol.

When I went to pick up a weeks worth of dinners for my hotel and met her and her husband. Oh, and the little doggie too, (don’t remember the name) but the Godliness was was evident. Not just from personally meeting them, but in the preparation and care of the food packaging. I loved every meal.

So guess what? The next time I knew I was going, I ordered my food and every time I’m in the area I will order my food. So if you’re in the area, order your food! You won’t be disappointed!!!"

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